La Cañada’s trail system closes as county announces new virus restrictions

An immediate closure of La Cañada's 23-mile trail system followed an announcement Monday by Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger after increased use of regional trails and parks was observed this weekend.
(File Photo)

Outdoor options for residents continue to dwindle as news of local coronavirus transmissions spread — and La Cañada’s trails system is the latest to take the hit, as city officials announced Monday an immediate closure of all trails inside city limits.

News of the closure of some 23 miles of in-town hiking and biking trails followed an announcement Monday by Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger after a marked increase of regional trail and park use was observed over the weekend.

“The trails were too crowded, so we are shutting down our trails,” Barger said in a press conference. “I would encourage people to walk around their neighborhood, respecting the 6-foot social distancing, and enjoy the community around them, because the trails are going to be closed.”

While most of La Cañada’s trail system falls under the jurisdiction of the county’s Parks and Recreation Department, even city-owned paths like Cherry Canyon Trail will be closed until further notice, according to city staffer Paddy Taber.

“It’s just the smartest thing to do at this point,” Taber said. “It wouldn’t make any sense if half of the city’s system were open and half closed. It would cause confusion and just overload whatever trails were open.”

Officials are asking residents to minimize their exposure to public locations shared by others and to avoid public gatherings and groups of more than 10 people. Taber said signs announcing the trail closures would soon be installed.

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