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Crime Report: 3 home burglaries, 1 attempted break-in since Feb. 5, according to sheriff’s records

The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Support Group recently received a $12,000 donation from the Ca
Crimes in early February included petty theft, burglary, attempted burglary and identity theft.
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Feb. 5

Petty theft: 4300 block of Encinas Drive. A man reported the Dec. 4 theft of his wallet containing his French identification papers and French driver’s license out of his 2008 Honda Odyssey, which he’d left unlocked. When asked about the delay between the time the theft occurred and filing the report, he said he’d since learned he couldn’t replace his driver’s license without notifying law enforcement first.

Feb. 6

Burglary: 5000 block of Ocean View Boulevard. Sometime between 5:17 and 7:35 p.m., someone shattered a rear sliding glass door and ransacked the master bedroom and bath. Stolen were a Nikon digital camera with four lenses, one Gucci purse, three Louis Vuitton purses and a necklace.


Feb. 7

Burglary, vehicle: 4800 block of Hillard Ave. A man heard glass shattering shortly after 4 a.m. When he went outside to investigate, he could see the front passenger window of his 2014 Volvo sedan had been shattered, and a man was rummaging around in the vehicle. He confronted the suspect, who ran to a waiting vehicle and jumped into a passenger seat. The suspects’ vehicle was driven south on Hillard and out of view. A deputy later said she’d seen a vehicle like the one the victim described traveling east on Foothill away from Hillard about 10 minutes before the man’s call for help was placed. She ran the license plate, which belonged to a 2012 Mazda. The details of that car’s owners are redacted from the sheriff’s report. Taken from the victim’s Volvo was an empty blue fabric laptop bag.

Attempted burglary: 4500 block of Alcorn Drive. A man who was not at home at the time could see through live security camera feed what he believed to be two juveniles in his backyard at about 10:40 a.m. His Ring doorbell video recorded one adult wearing a black T-shirt and black pants ringing the doorbell twice and walking away when no one answered. A deputy reviewing footage reported that an adult Latino, about 5 foot 6 and 150 pounds wearing a light gray hoodie and jeans climbed over a gate and ran up to a sliding glass door. Another Latino adult, about the same build and wearing a black hoodie climbed over the gate and up a staircase leading to the slider. A neighbor told the investigating deputy she recognized the man who rang the victim’s doorbell as the same person who had knocked on her door at about 10:15 a.m. that day, saying he was there to pick someone up. When she told him he had the wrong address, he got into the back seat of a dark gray Audi hatchback.

Petty theft: 400 block of Foothill Boulevard. Two shipping boxes — one containing an antique globe and the other an antique chair — that couldn’t fit through the door of a business were left outside the rear of the store on Feb. 6. At about 12:15 on Feb. 7, the store manager noticed they were gone. Surveillance video from a neighboring business recorded a red Nissan Titan pickup with a trailer pulling up to the rear parking lot at 9:34 p.m. on Feb. 6. The driver, described as white or Latino, turned his vehicle around to face the exit point, then placed the two boxes in the bed of his truck and left.


Feb. 8

Identity theft: 2100 block of La Cañada Crest Drive. A woman monitoring her credit report discovered someone had fraudulently opened an account using her personal identification on Oct. 1, 2018.

Burglary: 4900 block of Crown Avenue. Someone broke into a home sometime between 6:30 and 10:55 p.m. after shattering a bathroom window. Two platinum wedding rings, one containing a 2-carat diamond, along with a third ring, were taken from atop a counter in the master bathroom.

Feb. 9

Burglary: 4300 block of Commonwealth Avenue. A woman who left her home at about 6:30 p.m. returned to it at 10 p.m. to find her bedroom door open and a door leading to the backyard broken. Her room had been ransacked and she could not immediately identify for a responding deputy what might have been stolen.