Palm Crest Hosts Event Just For Dads and Special Guests

It was a special evening on Friday for more than 50 Palm Crest kindergarteners, as they came back to school, holding the hand of their dad or special guest, who was carrying a blanket and a flashlight. It was PCR's 10th annual Daddy and Me Dinner.

"The kids are so excited to have their dad, grandfather, uncle, older brother or special person come for this. They are very proud to share this time with that special someone. A third grader once told me it was the best night of her life. That says it all," said Maggie Landau, one of the kindergarten teachers.

First the kindergarteners played on the playground equipment and then went into the classrooms, with their dads and special guests, where they made bug catchers together, cutting a window in the container and decorating it with, what else, but bugs.

As soon as teachers Wendy Senour and Maggie Landau set out the food for submarine sandwiches, as well as salads and watermelon, the dads and special guests served their hungry kindergartener. They picnicked on blankets in the kindergarten play area.

After dinner, they put on jackets and equipped with flashlights and their bug catchers, the pairs of dads and kindergarteners were led on a nature walk by the teachers. They looked for insects and those lucky enough to catch one put them in their bug catcher to take home with them.

"This is a first for us. It is fun spending quality time with my son Casey," said participant Michael Parker.

At then end of the walk, it was dark and they once again returned to school, to enjoy cookies for dessert.

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