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Just How Does California Look Through the Eyes of An Artist?

In part two of its “Whose/Who’s California” series, NewTown continues its exploration of California artists’ perceptions of the home state with “Reels on Wheels 5: Screening California.”

NewTown takes yet another step towards fulfilling one of its major goals - demystifying current, often experimental arts by placing them in a friendly and fun context.

NewTown provides the popcorn. Bring your own pizza (cold or warm), freeze-dried root beer floats, significant other(s) and even the kids for an evening of experimental media in the comfort of your very own car.

Just cruise on in, pop your top (convertible that is), open your eyes and that year-old package of Gummi Bears, turn on your car’s FM and enjoy an evening at the drive-in.


The films range from satirical looks at the often stormy relationship between Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco, to re-examinations of our landscape, portraits of eminent Southern California artists, the feasibility of relationships in Lalaland and much more.

Screenings will take place at the Rose Bowl in Parking Lot 1. Admission is $5 per car. NewTown and Pasadena Art Alliance members are admitted free.

For more information, call Richard Amromin at 626-398-9278 or e-mail or visit