Divestment from Israel

I am writing this letter on behalf of our Israeli allies. There have been recent arguments for economic divestment from Israel by some of our churches here in the United States. They compare Israel to apartheid South Africa.

I must remind your readers that not one single country in the Middle East that is Islamic has one single Jewish member of any political body. Israel has Israeli Arabs in their Knesset. Muslims are free to worship in Israel. Jews were not only prohibited from worship but evicted from Islamic countries.

Arabs did not become hostile to Jews because of the "occupation" but have been openly hostile and anti-Semitic since the inception of Israel and even before. Historically, many Islamic countries sided with the Nazis during WWII and even offered to help get rid of the Jews in their own countries.

Innocent Israelis are targeted by Palestinian terrorists while the Israeli army targets terrorists who happen to hide behind innocent civilians either because they believe it will restrain Israeli response or to induce worldwide condemnation of Israeli when innocent Arabs are in the line of fire of these terrorists. Israel has been told to tear down their wall which has proven its worth in the decrease of attacks against Israeli civilians yet do not give Israel any alternatives to stopping the deadly attacks.

Isn't it rather hypocritical to call for divestment of Israel for human rights abuses while ignoring North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia or Sudan? Why does Israel have to be the sole responsible party to come up with a peace solution while Palestinians are allowed to murder Israelis and compound the violence?

I pray all Christians who attend these churches asking for economic divestment of Israel to question their elders and the leaders of their clergy. What is the ulterior motive? How can you think God will allow any nation, people or faith to oppress Israel, still his chosen, without consequences?

I pray my brothers and sisters in Christ will continue to support Israel, our only true ally and the only democracy in the Middle East. God bless Israel forever. "And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed." Genesis 12:3.

Helen Cook Refaat

La Crescenta

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