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Lousy Tip

Why does the paper waste space with such worthless, arrogant and idiotic tips from people in law enforcement like the latest one from Det. Patrick Murphy?

Yeah, make it easier for the violent intruder to commit those home invasion robberies knowing defensive weapons have been rendered useless thanks to the advice of Det. Murphy.

The arrogance of these cops who dish out senseless advice but who exempt themselves from such stupidity. Can you just see Det. Murphy going home, emptying his gun(s), hiding the bullets and locking up the gun(s)? I’ll believe that when I win the super lotto.

It doesn’t happen - sleeping with his loaded gun is as natural as having his daily donut. Instead of offering his high and mighty tip he should have encouraged those who kept firearms in the house for protection to enroll in gun safety courses, like that offered by the Eddie Eagle program, for the entire family.


A gun is not a toy but neither is it the evil instrument that people like Det. Murphy would lead us to believe. It is your last line of defense because there is not a cop in every home. Please, no tip of the week is better than a lousy tip.

Bob Tanabe

La Cañada