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Whoa! Somebody turned up the thermostat. Just a week ago I had two sweaters, a scarf, socks and warm boots on because I was freezing. Now I’m taking it all off because it has been pretty darn hot. Guess every year we have this spring heat wave, but I forget and it always creeps up to surprise me.

My garden is loving it and the petunias that survived the frosty nights of the winter are all in full bloom. I like that kind of garden care—Grace does it.

This weekend I will be slipping off to the 40 different greens of Ireland for a couple of weeks R and R with my younger sister. I’m having another one of those “0” birthdays so this is tailor-made for a special celebration.

Yes, I’m been digging into the ancestral archives and I do have some Irish ancestors who emigrated from Ulster in Northern Ireland in the early 1700s. One of my Irish ancestor’s last name is Jameson. That family does make very fine whiskey. I’ll probably be doing some sampling of the family product. I don’t know if any of my ancestors tie into the present day Jamesons but I’ll ask around — it will make good pub talk.

I’ll be talkin’ to you later and reporting about all the blarney I’ve been listening to.

For now, here is what is going on in the community. The Stardusters Dance Club had a fun dance at Oakmont Country Club recently themed, “Our Song.” Seems most couples have at least one song they refer to as, “Our Song.” Each of the member couples let club presidents Lynn Duvall and Robert Brorsen know what their “song” was and it was printed in the evening’s program. Jack Lantz, the orchestra leader, played each couple’s song. Some of those wonderful songs included “Sweet Caroline” for Anita and Ed Waterbury; “As Time Goes By” for Sharon and John Gregg, and “The Tennessee Waltz” for Penny and Jay Lusche. Elvis Presley’s hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was played for Jim Phillips and Peggy Touchstone.

Vera and Garth Gragg were hosts for the evening and included on the dance committee were Marion and Paul Greene, Barb and Jack Stocky and Jean and Ron Zink.

In a “Intergenerational Spotlight” dance, two dads danced with their daughters. Lloyd Welch and led daughter Pam Towers and Brian Skeegs guided his daughter, Jennifer Elder-Skeggs, around the dance floor.

Guests attending the dance were Polly and Brent Allen, Elaine Alexander and Paul Westmoreland, Pat and Dick Anderson, Lynn Duvall and Bob Brorsen, Candace and Tony Craig, Liz and Bob Craven, Trisch and Ron Diaz, Jennifer Elder-Skeggs and Guy Spano, Heather and Carl Emge, Sue and Barry Franzen, Mary and Daryal Gant, Sharon and Phil Garrison, Vera and Garth Gragg, Marion and Paul Greene, Sharon and John Gregg, Lorry and Allan Herbert.

More dancers were Susan and Tim Holland, Stefi and Kent Kuster, Diane and John Landrum, Eleanor and Willard Largent, Jennie and Ted Lee, Penny and Jay Lusche, Gerane and Bentley Mooney, Lillian and Roy Olofson, Catherine and Pete Palermo, Sally and Jim Perkins, Marilyn and Bill Petschow, Peggy Touchstone and Jim Phillips, Margie and Tony Riewe, Pat and Marty Ruel, Diane and Newt Russell, Gigi and Jim Schuelter, Shirley and Brian Skeggs, Judy and Bob Snyder,Shirley and John Stearns, Carolyn and Chris Stevens, Barb and Jack Stocky, Joan and Dave Teufel, Lynne and Joe Thompson, Nancy and Fielding Thompson, Pam and Tim Towery, Anita and Ed Waterbury, Margaret and Bill Watts, Irene and Lloyd Welch, Tina Wood and Jim Mramor, Rosalie and Ron Youra, Jean and Ron Zink.

JANE NAPIER NEELY has been covering the La Cañada social scene for over 26 years. She can be reached at

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