Civility by Diana Olson:

Part 3


Continuing with shoe tips:


•?Slimming shoe tricks: Heels make heavier legs look slim; extended or pointed-toe shoes make legs look longer; stiletto heels lengthen body with long, lean wide trousers

•?Length of pants: With heels—hem of pants should stop above floor; hemline should be top of heel or mid-heel, breaking at back or mid-arch; pant needs to hang straight, not cupped at ankle.

•?Sling-back heels: Lady-like and sexy in metallic, animal prints and patent leather. Wear with fun dresses with ruffles or bold prints.

•?Pointy-toe pumps: 5” high heels; one shade segues into another; darker tones with brighter tones; good for a neutral suit or wide-legged pants.

•?Jellies: Colorful flat sandals with gemstones, glitter, chains, cutouts, and high-fashion details; beach-going, playful, or refined.

•?Color-blocking: Can be worn by taller women with simple or denim shorter casual skirts, shorts, capris, or dresses.

•?Floral thongs, or patent sandals: Can be worn with more feminine (curves) or romantic dresses, pants or skirts.

•?High-heeled thongs: With jewels, they can be worn with shorts, skirts, or dresses.

•?Jewels: Add glitz to casual clothes, jeans, shorts, casual shirts

•?Buckles: Chic, casual, and stylish; yang (tailored) styling.

•?Rhinestone heels: Simple dressy dress.

•?Higher the heels, the dressier the look that adds sex appeal; not for mini skirt or short skirt.

•?Contrasting colors: Short people match shoes to hem of skirt; taller women can wear contrast and match shoes to blouse. Enjoy this new knowledge on how to wear the latest trend in shoe wear.

•?Casual look: Mini-skirts or short skirts look good with flat sandals, kitten heels, thongs, slides, strappy heels or ballet flats; denim miniskirts can be worn with sneakers or espadrilles for a bohemian look. Open-toed sandals are casual.

•?Interviews: Avoid tennis shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes, metallic, crystals, sequins, ultra-high heels, scuffed, or dirty shoes.

Do wear flats or heels, less than 3”, closed-toe shoes (or peep-toe shoes with opaque tights), basic pumps that coordinate with slacks or skirt. Remember that corporations are the most conservative; pumps are best.

Remember, what you like will not always work for you. Be educated about the trends and your personal style.

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI CIP, is a certified Image and Etiquette consultant in Pasadena, and can be contacted through e-mail at or

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