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Despite the present recession and future economic concerns this year, we all still have a lot to be thankful for. The fires have died, hope is on the horizon, and we have nowhere to go but up. And now as Christmas draws nearer, we can be thankful for the awesome gift ideas available this season to make even the trickiest person to buy for on your list a snap.

Gadgets. Some pointless, others practical but everyone loves the newest gadget on the market and Wicked Lasers is the first place to look for that special someone who has everything but a laser. Wicked Lasers has an array of intensely powerful lasers available for sale at prices lower than one might think for hand held heat instruments. From $99 to over a $1,000, depending on the model and intensity, you can get a pen- sized laser that does everything from laser pointing with a visible beam to cutting electrical tape, popping balloons and even lighting matches. These things are described properly with only one word — AWESOME. This has a million and one uses. Definitely worth the price.

Wicked Lasers can be found at

The “MyVu” glasses are also a new technological feat that is available for Christmas time. The MyVu glasses plug into your iPod or other such video device and provide a personal viewing screen that looks like a screen of normal size, three feet away, but in fact it is so small it fits in the “Jordy La Forge” style glasses. A new leap forward in personal entertainment, and perfect for wearing at the beach and catching up on the latest films. They can be found at

And then of course, there is the gift that keeps on giving. It's always the right size and can be used throughout the year. Yes, video games are a popular gift come holiday season. And this year, Activision is leading the way with their Guitar Hero games. The Aerosmith edition, released a few months ago, is an amazing game. It not only gives you Aerosmith songs but also other classics. A definite must for any fan.

Then the newest edition, Guitar Hero: World Tour includes vocals and drums, in the vein of EA's Rockband. This new version has even more songs and features than before so don't miss it.

And so this holiday season; don't forget to stock up on electronics for the whole family. Some other video games that would be welcomed under the tree are: Quantum of Solace, Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures, Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. And for those who want a real workout there is the Wii Fit games that forces gamers off the couch to stretch and find inner peace with Yoga, be the score leader in Soccer, work on Strength Training and even try a virtual Hula Hoop.

These games are a great way to stretch those elusive shopping dollars.

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