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Part 2


An image consultant can guide you toward choosing the correct hair style and hair color after the creation of a color palette from your coloring, personality, bone structure and energy intensity. Your hair can be your crowning glory.


Hair color and

style determinations

If you have a need to color your hair, you need to know how to choose a complimentary color to enhance your skin tone. Is your skin warm, neutral, cool, light or dark? The chosen hair color needs to match your skin tone. Condition of the hair, natural hair and skin tone coloring, and color palette are important considerations for hair color application. If you decide to color your hair blond when you have never been a blond, there will be a conflict with your skin tone. Your hair color will dominate and your skin will look washed out. You can see this conflict in photographs. The face and eyes should be dominate, not the hair. Skin tones are not easily discernable because of the uniqueness of individuals. There are many variables and combinations, and people cannot easily be placed in just four categories. I am going to offer some general information that may help to be a guide.


Light, bright coloring: Light peach or yellow skin tones with warmth, coolness, or neutral coloring, naturally blond or light brown hair, blue or green eyes, might have an applied hair color that has clear blond or brown tones (cool, warm, or neutral colors) to match the skin. This person may have more rounded features, and a highly energetic personality. Her hair style may need to be rounded, curly and bouncy as she is.


Cool, gentle coloring: A natural ash-grey blond or brown- haired person with soft-grey blue eyes may need an ash-blond or brown applied hair color. Her skin tone has a lavender or pink undertone and a gentle personality with much elongation in the neck, arms, and legs. She may look good in soft waves, an oval design and “S” curves.


Bronze coloring: Warm, deep skin tones with gold and brown undertones, natural brown or red hair, and brown or green eyes might have deep warm red hair or warm brown applied hair color. Red highlights and much warmth in the application can be flattering. This person may have a larger bone structure with broad shoulders and textured skin. Angles, textured, and squared hair styles will flatter their angular faces.

Remember that each person is unique and this uniqueness should be celebrated in the correct hairstyles.

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI CIP, is a certified Image and Etiquette Consultant and conducts individual and group consultations in Color, Style, Makeup, Etiquette and Petite Etiquette for children. She may be contacted at and e-mail

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