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Silent Treatment is not a traditional rock band. Its members do not sport numerous body-piercings and racy tattoos. Instead the four young men seem to be more focused on a sense of community and brotherhood with two of the four members having grown up together in La Cañada.

The hard rock, western regional touring band on Aug. 3 releases its third album, “New American Dream,” with an album premiere at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on July 31.

“We are like a band of brothers,” said front man Dave Rosales.

Rosales and bassist Steve Abel both graduated from La Cañada High School in 2000 with Rosales involved in the choir and Abel involved with the band. Lead guitarist Jerry Wu is from a neighboring community and drummer Rico Esparza is from Northern California.

“We have toured all over the U.S. but we still keep this area as our home. I have lived here all my life. I know Dave and I really draw a lot from our experience at LCHS,” said Abel.

This third album is co-produced by Kevin Churko and Mark Renk.

“We had one chance, one song to make it,” said Rosales, referring to a time the band went to Las Vegas to perform and find a producer.

“We were sleeping on a friend’s floor, working 12-hour days trying to gain a fan base and it paid off,” said Abel.

Churko produced albums like Ozzy Osbourne’s “Black Rain” and several Shania Twain hits, while Renk has worked with artists like Daughtry and Linkin Park.

Silent Treatment’s new album aims to present a positive outlook on life.

“With things going wrong, from politics to the economy, sometimes we get too far ahead of ourselves. We want to go back to traditional American ideals of a solid foundation. We are reaching out to tell America’s youth it’s up to us,” said Rosales.

After touring through California and its neighboring states both Abel and Rosales look back to La Cañada as their foundation. Both loved high school and felt the teachers and atmosphere were personable and supportive.

“Growing up in this town you get to take your roots from a nice tight-knit community,” Abel said.

The band has come a far way, quitting their old jobs and dedicating all of their time to traveling and performing.

“It’s something I’m happy doing,” said Rosales. “Some people like cubicles but I like this experience and this life.”

New American Dream features the singles “You and I,” “Some Other Way” and “Fear.” It also includes their rendition of the ’60s Doors single, “Love Me Two Times.”

The album will be available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and eMusic. Compact discs can be purchased at various stores or ordered through For more information on Silent Treatment and their upcoming summer/fall U.S. tour go to

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