Civility by Diana Olson:

Part 1

Circle qualities that apply to either Yin or Yang in each grouping. Each word or group of words (separated by a slash) counts for one point. Mark total at bottom of page, which determines Yin or Yang predominance.

Yin vs. Yang affects clothing styles and colors.

Add the total this week and next weeks together to determin your Yang and Yin.


Yang: 5 feet 6 inches and over (tall)

Yin: 5 feet 5 inches and under (petite)


Yang: Large-scale body, large bones/ well-proportioned / erect / expresses strength, stateliness, forcefulness, vitality, dynamic energy / large, clear-cut features / angular / broad shoulders.

Yin: Small-scale body, small bones / well-proportioned / eelicately formed / expresses daintiness, fragility, femininity / small or dainty features / round / narrow shoulders.


Yang: Firm, long, vigorous stride / purposeful, legato-like / steady, controlled / deliberate, firm, decisive.

Yin: Light, airy, graceful / quick, staccato-like / impulsive.


Yang: Vivid / warm / skin tending to be dark / red hair/ dark hair / bleached hair / strong contrast.

Yin: Delicate / cool / skin tending to be light / blue eyes / medium to slight contrast / light blond to light brown hair.


Yang: Rich, smooth / more textured / sometimes course/ large pores.

Yin: Delicately smooth / fresh / usually fine texture.


Yang: Large / oval / long oval / slanting eyes / straight or angular brows / heavy brows / dark eyes / dark brows, sharply marked / eyes close together.

Yin: Small / wide open / rounded / delicate brows / light-colored eyes / arched brows / eyes wide apart.


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