Civility by Diana Olson:

Part 2

Everyone is unique in their own personality and their connection to an authentic image in their clothing selection. Create a powerful presence through personal self-discovery. Consider your bone structure, coloring, and personality. Here are some more descriptions to help with this self-discovery.

Feminine Romantics, Yin, often blonds or with soft brown hair, are dreamy in appearance, graceful and look wonderful in smooth softly-draped fabrics that are accented in ruffles and lace. Jewelry is subtle, such as pearls and cameos. They feel more at ease in dresses. They love flowers in abundance, whether in their homes and gardens or as a print selected for their favorite outfit.

Sophisticated Romantics, Yang, who often have dark hair, are appealing for their beauty of face and voluptuous figures. They are the epitome of womanliness and sensuousness. Their clothing styles are never severe, e.g a soft flowing dress with rounded neckline. Lavish jewelry may abound, sometimes highlighted with crystals and precious tones. They may have large warm eyes and rich coloring in their hair and skin.

Ingenues, Yin, are “girly girls,” small in stature (5'5” and under), often blonds, with a sweet and demure appearance. Ingenues are childlike, perpetually youthful and their delicate look lends itself to soft, curved lines, and soft makeup. Victorian styles, rounded Peter Pan collars and bows suit them perfectly. The key to their look is dainty, unsophisticated styling with simple jewelry.

Gamins, more yang than yin, a pixie-like tomboy personality, are small and darker in coloring. They generally have smaller bone structures and a timeless look, with upturned noses and impish manners that evoke undeniable buoyancy and animation. There's a look of innocence in their clothing styles. Polka dots, short skirts and knee socks accentuate a “young at heart” appearance. Small scale is the rule for fabric and accessories. Discover the unique You and celebrate your uniqueness!

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI CIP is an Image and Etiquette consultant who offers consultations and seminars. She be reached at (626) 584-9761 or

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