Shuttle taking a new route

The La Cañada Flintridge City Council on Tuesday approved changes to the LCF Shuttle route that would connect riders to the Montrose Shopping Park.

The LCF Shuttle currently makes its westerly turnaround by traveling north on Ocean View Boulevard, east on Cross Street and south on Castle Road before returning to Foothill Boulevard, said Carl Alameda, a senior management analyst with the city.

After receiving complaints from residents, staff began working with the city of Glendale Traffic and Transportation Division to explore alternative routes, Alameda said. The option chosen was remapping the turnaround loop to run south on Ocean View Boulevard, east on Broadview Drive, northwest on Montrose Avenue and north again on Ocean View.

"The unique thing about this [option] is currently the Glendale system and their different routes do not service any of the area that is east of Ocean View, so you are bringing service to this retail district," Alameda said. "You can link it with downtown La Cañada Flintridge at Foothill Boulevard and potentially capture business for our local businesses."

The change will increase the annual service contract with the city of Glendale to $23,250, Alameda said. The city will maintain the existing 18 daily runs by adding an earlier start time, but it adds seven minutes to the length of the route.

During peak morning, lunchtime and afternoon hours, the LCF Shuttle will maintain its fixed route exclusively servicing La Cañada, City Manager Mark Alexander said.

"This is an integration of the LCF Shuttle with the Glendale Beeline; the Glendale Beeline will still operate their service as normal," Alexander said.

Castle Road resident Tracy Feehan said the shuttle's current route is disruptive to the dozens of homes on Ocean View Boulevard and Castle Road. The shuttle passes her house 18 times a day, she said, and the sound of its brakes frightens her two young children as they play in the front yard.

"I have called the sheriffs, I have called Carl [Alameda], I've called [Director of Public Works] Edward Hitti multiple times to say the shuttle is going too fast down the street," Feehan said. "Thirty miles per hour is fast for a shuttle. I would really like you to consider the route through Montrose."

La Cañada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce Chief Operating Officer Pat Anderson questioned whether the new turnaround loop would funnel people away from La Cañada businesses to Montrose businesses. But council members noted that it could bring people from Montrose into La Cañada.

Mayor Pro Tem Gregory Brown and Councilwoman Laura Olhasso also said Glendale might be willing to assume some of the extra cost given that the new route would benefit their residents and businesses.

"Certainly we can ask them," Olhasso said.

The changes to the shuttle route will take effect in about three weeks, Alameda said.

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