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Proposed 710 tunnel uncreative

A heartfelt thank you to Carol Cormaci and The Valley Sun for the excellent article summarizing Assemblyman Portantino's recent involvement in fighting the proposed 710 tunnel extension [Piece of Mind column, "Keep fighting to stop 710 tunnel," July 8].

I am also glad to know that Anthony is turning up the heat on this issue in whatever way he is able. It does appear that political clout may be the only thing that will get the MTA officials who are so in love with this tunnel project to pause in their lock step march to push it though.

It is so twisted that the MTA continues to press for this uncreative, ugly solution to a problem they have never defined to the public.

However Carol's last paragraph suggests a sentiment that I feel I must counter. I do not believe those fighting this freeway extension are fighting for selfish reasons. If anything, we see a bigger picture — where thriving communities like ours are not doomed to an unhealthy future because fools with power refused to look at better options.

Keep up the good work.

Anne Tryba

La Cañada


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