The beginning of the end

Students were transformed from underclassmen to top dogs on campus within a matter of minutes as many registered for high school classes for the last time.

La Cañada High's class of 2011 got their first taste of the painful transition from lazy summer days to early morning classes on Thursday as they crawled out of bed before 8 a.m. to register for classes.

"I want to savor the last days of summer," senior Brynne Eberhardt said. "I want them to go by slower and last as long as possible because it's the last hoorah."

The school's parking lot was nearly filled by its senior class who showed up to prepare for the first day of school just 12 days away.

Throughout the morning students scrambled from one place to another, enrolling in classes, locating their new lockers and collecting their textbooks and parking permits.

"I remember at the beginning of summer we were all excited because senior year was three months away and all of a sudden we're at registration now," senior Fatima Mahagna said.

Once upon a time, Eberhardt remembers looking up to the senior class, who all seemed so grown up at the time.

"Now that it's actually here I don't even feel that old but I know [underclassmen] will be looking up to us now," Eberhardt said. "We're kind of on top but it hasn't hit me because we haven't actually started. When school starts I think it will finally sink in."

Serving as a role model is only one of many challenges presented by senior year.

Jessica Mkrtchyan is worried about focusing on her high school classes while also finishing college essays and applications.

"It's unknown to me," senior Mkrtchyan said. "I just have to take it day-by-day. It's going to be really hard."

Senior Brian Blunenfeld has other problems to worry about.

"I'm hoping to have more fun than in the past; mix school and fun a little bit more senior year," Blunenfeld said.

Incoming senior and Associated Student Body President Patrick Moore walked away from registration with an armful of books. The fact he's entering his final year as a high school student probably won't hit him until the first day of school on August 31, he said.

"We're all going to be going to college soon and this year will be extra special because it's our last moments with all these people we've grown up with," Moore said.

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