Crime blotter

AREA 1: 2900 block of Foothill Boulevard: Around noon on Oct. 14, a Hispanic man in his early 40s asked a clerk at the Crescenta Valley Flower Mart to build a bouquet of flowers while a Hispanic woman who also appeared to be in her early 40s looked around the store. When the clerk turned her back to make the bouquet, she heard the woman say, "We will be back for the bouquet later." About an hour later, the clerk noticed her purse was missing. It contained a camera valued at $500 and a wallet containing more than $300 in cash.

400 block of Dyer Street: A window was smashed on the afternoon of Oct. 20 in what's being treated as an attempted burglary. Nothing, however, was taken from the house.

2900 block of Santa Carlotta Street: A GPS system worth $100 was reported stolen on Oct. 20 from an unlocked car.

2400 block of Carol Park Place: A woman reported that several blotches of white paint were splattered onto her driveway while she was away from home on Oct. 20.

2500 block of Mountain Avenue: A rock was thrown through the back window of a 2002 BMW convertible the night of Oct. 22.

2700 block of Fairmont Avenue: A platinum diamond ring valued at $12,000, $2,000 in currency, a laptop computer and Apple iTouch were stolen during a burglary shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 22.

5000 block of Ramsdell Avenue: A laptop computer worth $1,200 was stolen from a home during the daylight hours of Oct. 22.

4800 block of Ocean View Boulevard: A deputy pulled over the driver of a black Acura after the driver ignored a stop sign just before 2 a.m. on Oct. 23. During the traffic stop, the deputy noticed that the 21-year-old driver had bloodshot eyes and smelled of marijuana. The man admitted smoking earlier that evening and was booked for driving under the influence.

2800 block of Paraiso Way: At 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 23, a woman heard a loud crash in the laundry room of her home, where she was confronted by a white male in his 20s. Despite entering through a window, the man said "I must be at the wrong house," and walked out the front door.

2700 block of El Caminito Drive: A digital camera worth $300 was taken from a home between 6:45 and 8:30 a.m. Oct. 23.

2900 block of Orange Avenue: A man reported that just before 2 p.m. on Oct. 24, a white male in his 20s tried to pry open the back door of his home. The homeowner startled the suspect, who fled on foot.

2800 Alta Terrace: A leather jacket, laptop computer, two digital cameras, miscellaneous jewelry and several DVD movies were reported stolen from a home on the afternoon of Oct. 24. The total value of the property exceeded $3,000.

2800 Henrietta Avenue: A woman returned home on the afternoon of Oct. 24 to find that someone had tried to break into her garage.

2900 block of Orange Avenue: An iPod and GPS system valued at $450 were stolen Oct. 24 from an unlocked vehicle.


2200 block of Foothill Boulevard: On Oct. 19 a Big Lots shopper who left her purse in a shopping cart noticed that it had been opened and her wallet taken while she had turned her back to choose an item from a shelf. About $30 was lost.

2200 block of Foothill Boulevard: A worker at Yuki Yama Japanese Sushi Restaurant reported on Oct. 21 that a male customer started an argument to demand that his meal be half-price under a posted discount, but the worker explained that the discount would not apply to that specific order. The angry customer paid the bill and left, but then proceeded to tear down an outdoor sign advertising the discount.

1000 block of Lavender Lane: A 42-inch plasma television, two desktop computers, a camera and a wedding band were stolen from a home between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Oct. 22. The property was valued at $4,200.

5700 block of Briar Tree Drive: A woman reported that a pumpkin was stolen from her porch and smashed in the street on the night of Oct. 23. She also reported a patch of grass was torn up. The pumpkin was valued at $8 and the lawn damage at $40.


1300 block of Descanso Drive: Two air-conditioning units valued at $2,000 each were stolen on the evening of Oct. 19 from a home that was under construction.

100 block of Foothill Boulevard: More than $300 worth of copper wire was stolen overnight Oct. 19 from the construction site for the new Flintridge Bookstore.

600 block of Foothill Boulevard: A Vons clerk reported on Oct. 20 that a middle-aged woman simply walked past cash registers and out of the store with 15 bottles of different brands of tequila that were valued together at $500. The clerk followed the woman outside and saw her place the alcohol in the trunk of a silver Honda sedan. The woman drove off after telling the clerk, "I have to take care of a baby."

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