Crime Blotter - Feb. 24, 2010

AREA 1--3100 block of Fairmount Avenue: A man arrived home the afternoon of Feb. 17 to discover that jewelry that had been sitting on the top of his dresser was missing. Three laptop computers also were missing. A bathroom window and the house's rear patio door were unlocked and deputies found no signs of forced entry. Deputies believe the suspects entered through the unlocked patio door. Damages were assessed at $2,100.

2700 block of Pine Lawn Drive: A man returned to his car the morning of Feb. 20 and discovered the driver's-side front-door window had been smashed but nothing was missing from inside his car. Damages were estimated at $215.

2500 block of Hermosa Avenue: A man parked his 2005 Scion in front of his house overnight and returned the morning of Feb. 20 to find the car’s window and mirror had been smashed. Nothing was missing from inside the vehicle. Damage totaled $450.

2800 block of Alta Terrace: A woman returned to her 2008 Chevy pickup truck the morning of Feb. 21 after parking the unlocked vehicle in front of her house overnight and found several things missing. A video camera and six Tommy Bahama shirts were missing, as were a set of keys to various construction yards and equipment related to her husband's construction company. Damages were estimated at $860.



300 block of Mellow Lane: A man parked his car on the street in front of his house overnight, returning at 7 a.m. on Feb. 17 to discover the driver's-side window was smashed, with broken glass on the street and inside of the car. He didn’t hear the glass shatter or his car alarm blare during the night. Some clothes, a duffle bag, a briefcase, sunglasses, a phone, camera, GPS system and some money were all missing from the car. Damages were assessed at $3,500.



500 block of Foothill Boulevard: A woman reported her purse had been stolen from Hailey Paton’s Pilates at 10:45 a.m. on Feb. 15 while she was working out. The purse contained a wallet, five credit cards and $95. She was notified by the U.S. Postal Service the next day that her purse had been found by a postal employee in a street mail-collection box. She canceled all her credit cards after she got her purse back and discovered the money and credit cards were missing.

1000 block of Foothill Boulevard: A man left his 2005 Chrysler parked behind Earth Oasis Computers from Feb. 18 to the morning of Feb. 21. He returned and found two of the vehicle’s tires had been slashed. Damages totaled $200.

1400 block of Foothill Boulevard: Employees at Magpie’s Grill arrived at work on Feb. 19 to discover a sewer drain snake, vacuum cleaner and eight five-gallon containers of cooking oil were missing from the outside patio/storage area. The area is surrounded by a five-foot tall fence but can't be locked and is accessible from outside. Losses totaled $1,216.

4400 block of Chevy Chase Drive: A woman parked her car and left it unlocked with her purse sitting between the driver and passenger's seats on Feb. 21. She returned to her car a hour later and discovered that her purse was missing. Inside the purse was her wallet with driver's license. Damages were estimated at $500.

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