Banksy may have made his mark on Montrose

A vinyl-sticker depiction of President Obama has appeared on a wall in Montrose in the style as the world-renowned, yet secretive, graffiti street artist Banksy.

The vinyl-sticker — on a concrete wall on Ocean View Boulevard near Foothill Boulevard and the 210 Freeway — depicts the president at a podium giving a speech with the words “That’s right, ladies…” A photo of the poster has been making the rounds through the blogosphere ever since Perez Hilton, included it on his website Wednesday night.

Hilton attributed the work to Banksy, although its origin has not been confirmed. A controversial figure, Banksy is known as a revolutionary artist by some and a vandal by others. His true identity has yet to be revealed.

The Obama sticker may not be around for much longer. It had begun peeling off the wall on Thursday.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Banksy has been on an “assault” in Los Angeles leading up to Sunday’s Academy Awards, where “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is nominated for best documentary.

The film follows Thierry Guetta, an amateur film-maker, as he attempts to document street art and Banksy, only to have the famed artist turn the cameras and the film on the director.

In the past two weeks, Banksy pieces have been popping up all around East Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Westwood and near San Diego. There are currently eight photos of Banksy’s graffiti art in the Los Angeles area on his website, — the Obama sticker not included.

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