Artsy vandals strike at La Cañada High School

Outside walls of La Cañada High School campus buildings were found covered in streaks of pastel paint Tuesday morning.

Unknown vandals apparently struck Monday night by pouring paint down from second-floor outdoor walkways connecting the campus’s A and B buildings, said Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station School Resources Deputy Eric Matejka.

“It’s throughout different areas of the school, mainly from different spots up on the balconies. It looks like they poured paint on the walls and let it drip down,” Matejka said.

School officials could not be immediately reached for comment, but it appeared on Thursday that some of the damage was already being painted over.

Matejka said the source of the paint is unknown and did not appear to be taken from campus supply rooms.

The campus’s unwelcome color-scheme makeover came as quite a surprise to students.

“Everyone thought it was a senior prank, but no one really knows. Usually with these things, someone tells someone [what happened] and they tell another person and it spreads like wildfire — but not with this,” said senior Sam Badie.

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