What happened in LCF 10-20-30 years ago?

Ten Years Ago

The public was invited to a worship service at the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to bid farewell to longtime community members Charles and Jeanne Broberg, who were preparing to serve a two-year church mission in Kiev, Ukraine.


Twenty Years Ago

Incumbent school board member Carole Siegler announced her intention to seek reelection in the November 1991 race.


Thirty Years Ago

A silverware service valued at $4,000 was among the items taken when an Oakwood Avenue home was burglarized. A living room window had been forced open to gain entry.


Forty Years Ago

One week after the town’s new library was opened, La Cañada’s new post office began serving customers. It had moved from its previous location on Foothill at Vineta Avenue because the rear parking lot there had been taken by the construction of the Foothill (210) Freeway. Although open for business by late June 1971, the new facility’s formal dedication ceremony was planned for July 1 of that year.


Fifty Years Ago

Dr. Max Rafferty, in his first major address as La Cañada Unified’s new superintendent of schools, made waves when, in a 35-minute speech, he told his listeners that the U.S. had to indoctrinate its school students in American ideals and history if it wanted to “throw back the ever-growing Communist menace in the world today,” according to a Valley Sun report. “We’ve got to hate the Communists and their program like hell,” Rafferty, told the 200 people attending the school board meeting. After serving the LCUSD for just over a year, Rafferty was elected the state’s superintendent of public instruction.


Sixty Years Ago

Petitions asking for the formation of a Foothill Water District to bring Colorado River water to the communities along the foothills from Sierra Madre to Tujunga were being circulated during the early summer of 1951.

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