Authorities advise LCF residents on safety amid property crime outbreak

With a rash of property crimes continuing to be reported to the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station, the station’s commander, Capt. David Silversparre on Thursday issued a news release detailing tips on how to prevent them.

First among those tips: Keep all of your home’s windows and doors locked and, if you have installed a security system, set the alarm.

Many local burglaries involve people taking items from parked cars. Silversparre said these are crimes of opportunity, with the criminals seeing valuables that have been left in plain sight. The most commonly taken items from cars are navigating systems, money, jewelry, cameras, iPods, cell phones, CDs and DVDs, satellite radios, electronic games and sunglasses.

In crime reports on file at the CV station this week items such as briefcases and golf equipment were also taken in a rash of thefts that occurred Dec. 11.

According to Silversparre’s release, the majority of burglaries are committed by drug addicts who will sell the items to support their habits. Because they sell the stolen goods at a fraction of their value, they commit several burglaries daily to support their habits, the release said.

“We need to be vigilant in our area because the criminals are attracted to La Crescenta and La Cañada Flintridge and the high value targets in the homes and in the vehicles,” Silversparre said in the statement.

He encourages locals to report suspicious people or activity to the station, which is located at 4545 N. Briggs Ave., La Crescenta. The phone number is (818) 248-3464.

-- Carol Cormaci, Times Community News


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