Residents slurp up opening of new 7-Eleven

La Cañada residents young and old sought a reprieve from the July heat in the cold embrace of a brain freeze Wednesday, as the city welcomed its second 7-Eleven store.

Kiran Sumra, whose father Kulbir George Sumra is the operator of the 7-Eleven, said her family had already served up more than100 free Slurpees by noon — not counting the dozen that were chugged in a matter of seconds by kids competing for a free T-shirt.

In addition to the free frozen treats available in special 7.11-ounce cups as a celebration of the convenience store chain’s 85th birthday, the Foothill location was offering coffee, soda, pizza, hot dogs and Slurpees for a dollar as part of the grand opening.

The store is on the grounds of a 76 gas station on the northwest corner of Foothill Boulevard and Angeles Crest Highway. The station opened for business on June 15.

La Crescenta resident Jerry Valenzuela, enjoying a cherry Slurpee and a hot dog with his friend Steven Spence, said that he was happy to see the gas station finally open with a full-fledged convenience store.

“It’s a great location, really a prime spot, because you can come down from a nice drive on Angeles Crest Highway and actually relax, where the other gas stations here are just a gas station,” said Valenzuela. “It’s great to have all these stores opening on Foothill.”


La Cañada welcomes two 7-Elevens

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-- Daniel Siegal, Times Community News

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