Proposed ordinance would affect RV parking

The convenience of parking a recreational vehicle at home between trips may cost La Cañada Flintridge residents hundreds of dollars.

In a proposed ordinance, RV owners would have to fork over $730 to undergo a city review that would look at how the storage of the vehicle affects neighbors.

Resident David Hotchkin, who has been pushing for a change in how the city regulates RVs, told the City Council on Tuesday that storage of a recreational vehicle is a “privilege.” He asked that they add language in the ordinance that would also relate to how many times a resident might access an RV.

“The storing of the RV is one thing, but the continuing access to it is another that might impact neighbors,” he said.

The majority of the council agreed to fold his request into the ordinance. Councilman Donald Voss was the only dissenting member for moving the measure forward to the next council meeting.

“Anyone is able to park on the street,” he said. “Why punish RV owners only?”

He noted that the city does not have laws to prevent residents from blocking driveways or carports with other items, such as a barbecue grill or play equipment.

“But we do for, ironically, the most mobile of those things, the thing that you can actually get out of the way of the driveway,” he said.

Officials decided to ax language in the ordinance that defined an RV. Instead, the measure focuses on parking and storage.

The measure says that the recreational vehicle is not allowed to block parking spaces in a garage or carport or have a negative impact on parking in the whole neighborhood.

The city's approval of a resident's storage of an RV may be revoked if the vehicle becomes a problems for neighbors, according to the proposed law. The City Council is expected to look at the matter again on March 4.

Director of Community Development Robert Stanley said the law, if approved, would be enforced on a complaint basis.

“We normally don't go out looking for [RVs].”


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