City takes a look at RV storage

City officials may give residents who own recreational vehicles a grace period before they are required to pay to undergo a mandatory RV storage review.

La Cañada Flintridge revised an ordinance earlier this year that requires RV owners who own and store vehicles at their homes to pay the city a one-time fee of $730 for a review, which would include the costs associated with notifying neighbors, holding public hearings and an environmental assessment.

But after city officials and residents questioned that fee, that number may dip to $200, and then only after an amnesty period.

Director of Community Development Robert Stanley said the City Council wants to phase in the fee. "For the first six months, they want it to be free," he said. "It would allow people with RVs to get this done for free."

After six months, the price could go up to $75, and $200 after one year. The initial period will start when the City Council votes on approving the fee change.

Until it does, however, residents with new RVs won't have to worry about paying any fees.

The City Council showed interest at the April 15 meeting in giving residents a period to become acquainted with the revised law. But council members aren't necessarily encouraging residents to go out and buy recreational vehicles.

"I don't think we're trying to encourage RVs," said City Councilman Jon Curtis, "I think we're trying to be fair to individuals who have existing RVs."

Council members agreed on capping the fee at $200, as long as city employees could conduct the review at that price.

"I think it's more fair to people who are living in the city who are storing vehicles already or storing them in the future," he said City Councilman Michael Davitt.

"We're not looking to make money off this," Davitt added. "We're just looking to keep things equitable and fair and aesthetically pleasing and not harming other neighbors."


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