Streets are losing lanes left and right

What is happening to our community? Huge cement curbs are gobbling up car lanes block after block here in the foothills. Every cross street is losing more than a full-sized lane. These lost lanes are being replaced with new sidewalks on all four corners of the cross street.

These new sidewalks are so large they can hold a crowd like those in Vegas waiting to cross a huge intersection, but we are talking about Dunsmore Avenue and Santa Carlotta, which is almost a mile above Foothill.

Seeing all of the temporary “no parking” signs being posted, both north and south of Foothill, shows us the momentum and the size of this project, and it won't come cheap.

It began with the increase of tripling every sprayed road sign. Then they changed the single lines and replaced them with doubled lines, adding five-foot painted road signs showing us a picture of the bike. Metal signs were placed on the poles informing us that the road was a “bike route.”

The crosswalk signs were more than tripled in size; joined by the over-sized sprayed white diamond signs; then came the triple sized and enlarged sprayed stop signs.

It’s obvious that our state has found a money tree out there somewhere, but it's going to come back to bite us next year when a new budget is made. They will plead for additional bonds, more taxes, and utilities will climb higher.

But these changes look terrible and are certainly not an improvement just to keep city workers employed.

I would hope that other residents are concerned enough to call City Hall to say “enough is enough.” The spending continues and California will be following Detroit because our state leaders and our city leaders really don't care.

Edwina L. Hughes

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