Letter: Peterson tempers 'fresh blood' with experience

I want to share with the community why I agreed to serve as Joel Peterson’s campaign chairwoman.

I am a local business woman and a mother of seven. Most of them went through the LCUSD schools. I know the strengths and challenges of our schools, of children, and of teachers. And I know the struggles and anxieties of parents.

Joel Peterson is exactly the person we need to retain on our school board to build on our schools’ strengths and address their weaknesses. I know Joel because I have worked with him in several of his leadership roles in our community for years. I have personally witnessed his commitment, talent and exceptional effectiveness, and can attest to the lasting positive contributions he has made.

There is simply no debate about Joel’s qualifications, accomplishments, and wealth of on-topic experience and expertise. He is the only candidate who has any elected-office and school-board experience. As parents, we all know that nothing comes close to being a parent until you become one — not baby-sitting, having nieces, or owning pets. It’s the same with being a school-board member. You haven’t done it till you’ve done it.

I’m Joel’s campaign chairwoman because he’s that good. While it’s great to have so many good candidates to choose from, we need to temper “fresh blood” with experience. We need to retain his expertise, knowledge and proven effectiveness on the school board.

Your vote counts. Re-elect Joel Peterson to the school board.

Sue Stranger

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