Restricted parking signs to be posted in La Cañada

Restricted parking signs will be posted in coming days on three residential streets near the La Cañada Town Center in a move to discourage parking there by center employees.

"We're trying to get the employees to park in the Town Center. The people parking there are affecting the neighborhood life, and all kinds of shenanigans were going on, so this was an attempt to control what was going on there," said Clyde Hemphill, vice chair of the La Cañada Flintridge Public Works and Traffic Commission.

Parking will be allowed for two hours only between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., except by permit, on Houseman Street, La Porte Drive and Lillian Court. Residents of those streets will be able to obtain up to two annual permits and four guest permits to park beyond the time limits.

The City Council approved the new restrictions last month.

"It's one of the things we promised from the outset, is to make life as comfortable as possible for the residents that might be affected by the Town Center," said Councilman Don Voss. "This ensures that these residents won't have employees parking on their street, in front of their homes, during the course of the day."

Voss and Hemphill both point out there is rooftop parking at the Sport Chalet headquarters that could be used by employees. "I would recommend that's where employees should be parking," Voss said.

Not all residents of the neighborhood adjacent to the Town Center are in favor of the new restrictions. Susie Nunez and her family, who live on Houseman Street, said they have not experienced a shortage of parking in front of their home.

"We've never been without a parking space in the front, when we've had guests over. We've never had problems with parking. The signs are just another thing we'd have to be concerned about, is thinking about the parking — because it's not a problem [for us.]"


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