La Cañada Elementary hosts first-ever health and fitness week

Several guest speakers visited La Cañada Elementary this week as the school hosted its first-ever Health and Fitness Week, which was chock full of activities. The students were treated to stretching exercises, a professional baseball player, a dunking duo, a pediatrician and a dietitian, among others. By the end of the week an obstacle course will be set up Friday for all grades as a fun way to demonstrate overall fitness.

The students were also encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables with the implementation of an “Eat the Rainbow” chart, where students can track the fruits and vegetables they consume.

PHOTOS: TNT Dunk Squad jumps for health and fitness

The students at LCE happily participated in the events during the week, including second-grader Isabel Risha, who spoke about the stretching on the first day. “I liked it. My friends said it was really good and they liked it. It was at recess time, so it was a lot better than just walking and talking with your friends.”

Kevin Cousino and Brian Smith, two experienced gymnasts, dunkers and entertainers of the TNT dunk squad, performed on Tuesday morning. The pair showcased a number of tricks, outfits and gags, all of which the students thoroughly enjoyed. Some even stopped by to watch a second time during their recess.

“I liked when he had the Hello Kitty backpack and he went up on the roof when he passed it [the basketball],” Isabel said.

Fourth-grader Garrett Beagle said he “liked how they picked people from the audience to do the tricks and I liked how they were dunking.”

The week has provided students with a unique opportunity to see how their lives can benefit from exercise and proper eating habits.

“You don’t always have to stay in and watch TV or play video games,” Isabel said. “If it’s a beautiful day outside, it’s good to go play outside. I love [playing] with my sisters. You can do anything outside, you can swim or play soccer, and it’s a lot better than just staying inside and watching TV.”






Michael Bruer is a freelance writer.


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