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Letters to the Editor: Mailbag: Healthy oak trees in La Cañada must be protected

I thought we were a Tree City and tried to protect all our trees.

I have heard that a house in Flintridge with two magnificent old oak trees just sold. The oak tree in the front is being retained, but the gorgeous one in the back is being considered for removal so the new owners can build another huge home.

The city can’t let this happen. That tree is healthy and should be protected. I learned that Miller Tree Service has been servicing that tree for years. I hope the city has contacted them about the health of the tree and will make sure the new owners do not get rid of the tree.

Also when such trees are destroyed, shouldn’t the fees be much more than just $10,800 to remove an unwanted protected tree that’s 36 inches or greater in diameter? This provision was written some years ago and now people think nothing of paying the fine and being able to just build where they want. We need these trees to give beauty to our city, shade to everyone and to save the environment!


We are so fortunate to have these beautiful trees here in La Cañada Flintridge. Why do we so easily let new owners destroy their beauty instead of being resourceful in their home designs to make sure the trees are always an asset to their property?

Dottie Juett

La Cañada Flintridge