Our Readers Write: Officials don't work in public's interest

Great idea! That's what LCF City Council members said of the L.A. County Energy Program as they adopted a resolution joining and supporting that program.

Never mind that the loans offered are incompatible with the terms of most mortgages.

Don't even consider the implications of borrowing against property in the midst of a deep recession brought on by a mortgage meltdown — or that foreclosure rates are as high as they have ever been. Perhaps one might ask where debt-ridden L.A. County is going to get a billion dollars to fund this program or the wisdom of their entry into the home-equity loan business. Note also that L.A. County quietly diverts all carbon credits from this program to its own use.

Fiscally irresponsible federal, state and local officials are bankrupting every government entity—including LCF. It comes as no surprise that current LCF budget hearings are being held in such a way as to effectively eliminate all public scrutiny or input and that the LCF City Council refused to open city goals, objectives and tasks to a proper public hearing.

At some point people will realize that government no longer acts at their direction or in their best interests, government being concerned only to creatively finance the plans, programs and ambitions of its top officials.


La Cañada Flintridge

Grad's 'no walk' status was awful

My son Josh Hanson from the class of 2010 was given a "No Walk" decision by La Cañada High School because of his absences (whether they were excused or not). We fought hard to get the ruling overturned because of the unfairness of their decision making.

Assist. Principal Joanne Davidson said there were 75 kids on the No Walk list. It was whittled down to less than 10. We hired an attorney to represent us and three other kids. With another "panel" meeting one more senior was able to walk. We were thrilled by his victory.

Our family, including Josh's grandmothers (one 81 and the other traveled from Texas), aunt and sister who also came from out of town came to support Josh at a ceremony he had to watch from the bleachers.

Josh showed up at the gates wearing a graduation gown borrowed from a friend so that he could take pictures with his classmates. At the entrance gate he was told to remove the gown and give it to the sheriffs that were there. He refused because it wasn't his to give away. They escorted him off the campus and told him if he set foot on the school grounds that they would arrest him. He called me to let me know what was happening. I asked the officers what was going on. They told me Josh and others were causing a disturbance by not handing borrowed gowns over to the deputies.

These last few days have been heart wrenching for the all of the families involved.

Josh has been in the school district since preschool without getting any suspensions or arrests. Everything was positive. He played for the football team. He will be going to San Diego State University. He represented LCHS with excellent sportsmanship and has gotten awards from the school as well from the Gladiator association. He has formed lifetime friends here and with LCHS teachers and I am ashamed and so disappointed that they have made examples of these fine young students.

Josh did not deserve to be chased down like a criminal on the campus he loved.


La Cañada Flintridge

Padres Trail oak should stay put

I was very disappointed when the La Cañada Flintridge City Council sanctioned the removal of a really beautiful oak tree on Encinas Drive several months ago. In my opinion it was a matter of politics and had nothing to do with safety measures at all. What gives me the right to express this opinion is my 30 years experience with oak trees.

I looked the oak on Encinas Drive and found it was sound in every way and did not have to be destroyed. It's obvious someone with a little power just wanted the tree removed for their own personal reasons. I'm wondering if the city council even looked at that tree.

Now I see another identical disaster about to happen at 1240 Padres Trail and again I had to visit that location to see for myself why this particular oak tree should be destroyed. According to your article ("Flintridge residents appeal oak removal," June 17), an arborist named Craig Crotty stated in his report that cable supports were installed to that tree. That had to have been many years ago, as that cable, to my judgment, is far below tensile strength for a tree of that size.

The tree is just too beautiful to be destroyed and a few good cables in the right places can save this tree for many years to come. I'm not an arborist, however I do know oak trees and I do know the breaking strength of cables.


La Cañada Flintridge

Rep. Dreier thanks voters for support

The message of our recent elections is clear — the people want their voices heard. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue representing the Foothills and the working families and small business owners that live and work here.

I look forward to hearing more from citizens across the spectrum about their concerns and ideas on how we can get our economy back on track. Creating jobs and restoring fiscal responsibility remain my top priorities. Once again, I thank voters for their support.


San Dimas

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