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Redistricting Commission under attack

Congratulations on your excellent article on the two local citizens currently being considered for the Citizens Redistricting Commission ("Two locals still in the hunt for seats," Sept. 9). It was balanced and accurate and gave readers a good view of why this selection process is so vital.

Outstanding people from all over California have applied. We only need to look at our local candidates, Martha Jimenez and LaDrena Dansby, to see that. This commission will bring together a group of Californians with diverse skills, backgrounds and viewpoints who owe nothing to the politicians and who will be able to fairly redraw the legislative district lines for California.

However, this reform, which has not yet been allowed to work, is already under attack by cynical politicians. There is a measure on the November ballot, Proposition 27, which would completely eliminate the independent commission and put redistricting back into the hands of the legislature. It will be the same old story of back-room deals to favor one party or protect incumbents, whatever party they belong to.

Neighborhoods and communities will once again be cut up to ensure that elected officials' jobs are protected. The League of Women Voters urges citizens to reject this outrageous attempt to overturn this important reform Californians voted for just two years ago.

Give the commission a chance to do the job — creating fair districts that give voters a chance to choose elected representatives who represent their interests and who will be accountable to the people who elected them. Vote no on Proposition 27.

Chris Carson


Editor's note: Carson is the redistricting program director for League of Women Voters of California.

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