Our Readers Write: La Cañada peafowl are among the best

I am Dennis Fett, owner of the Peacock Information Center (peafowl.com) in Minden, Iowa. I was sad to read in your story posted online about all of the issues associated with the birds I love so much. Today my entire India Blue Peafowl flock comes from 24 peachicks rescued from your community in the 1990s. I might add that they are the best bloodline we have on our peacock farm and have produced well since then.

I hope people on both sides of the issue will follow the city's Peafowl Management Plan. It's a good one and has worked well in the past. I hope people new to La Cañada Flintridge will work along with the peafowl lovers to save this small flock of very good peafowl.

I am available to help anyone in the community on either side of the issue and if needed I can come out on a weekend sometime. I have visited your community several times in the past whenever I am doing a TV show in L.A.

I hope the peafowl will survive into the future.

Dennis Fett

Minden, Iowa


Beeline service needed on Veterans Day

As a La Cañada Flintridge resident, I was very disturbed to experience the elimination of Beeline service to La Cañada Flintridge on Veterans Day, Thursday Nov. 11.

I am a regular user of this mode of travel to my work place at JPL and have used this service since its initiation and this is the first time that it was eliminated on this day.

It was especially annoying since some of the Beeline routes were operational on that day.

Most people work on Veterans Day and those that don't are in need of transportation especially senior citizens who don't drive. I ask that the city reconsider this decision and restore service in the future.

Aaron Fishman

La Cañada Flintridge


Teacher extraordinaire remembered

David C. Leek was my English teacher at Toll Junior High School in 1947.

He was a born teacher. He had the gift. This was long before he went on to a position in the Glendale Unified School District administration. All these years later, I remember a young man trying to teach students of a difficult age.

Mr. Leek inspired me. He nurtured me and others in our desire to learn from him. I loved his English class and looked forward to it every day.

What made him so inspiring ? The man, the persona, the desire to teach us. I am grateful for that influence in my life.

Dorothy Hacker Sundbye

La Crescenta


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