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More on home loan problems

I was reading the letter to the editor that was written by a man who had so much trouble getting a loan (“It’s gotten tough to get a home loan,” Aug. 11). Well, I am having trouble keeping one.

A well-known bank is trying to steal my house from me. I’ve been on a repayment program since January after a short sale was denied by the bank. I have paid back every cent — and then some — and on Aug. 1 they put my house in foreclosure. It turns out that they applied two of my payments to someone else’s loan, a third payment sits in an account called “unapplied funds,” and they returned a check to me because after deducting “miscellaneous fees” it was no longer considered a full payment.

The bank is fully aware of the issues. When they demanded proof of payments, they “lost” the fax containing the proof. They don’t make the people who had my payments incorrectly credited to their loan prove that they made the payments.

I have reported this to the Federal Reserve and received a prompt, positive response. I don’t know what else to do.


Phyllis Shanklin

La Cañada Flintridge


Help take care of our trails


The LCF Trails Council is delighted to be participating in the upcoming city-wide 91011 event. It is such a fun concept to have the town residents come together to connect, celebrate and remember.

Trails Council will be sponsoring a trail-work morning on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. as part of the give-back volunteer opportunities. Please meet at the Descanso Trail, which is located just beyond the Descanso Gardens parking lot. Bring a gardening tool and gloves. Children must be accompanied by an adult. There will be something for everyone. For more information about the work morning and the many weekend events, go to

This is a great time to go for a hike or ride on any of the many trails that we are fortunate to have in town. The Los Angeles County trails crew has been clearing and repairing the LCF trails in an effort to keep the trails safe and accessible.

Please remember to “Share the Trails,” be courteous, pick up after your dog, and don’t litter. We can all be a part of giving back to the community everyday by using and taking care of the trails.

Happy Trails!

Randy Strapazon

La Cañada Flintridge



Focusing on the schools election

With an upcoming school board election, please take the time to learn about the four candidates running for two openings. As a former PTA president and five-year director of our Educational Foundation, I know how hard these volunteer board members work, which is why it’s important for us voters to give this decision the serious consideration it deserves.

I’m supporting non-incumbent candidates Andrew Blumenfeld and Ellen Multari. Although I respect our board members and credit their excellent financial stewardship, I’ve long been ready for one that’s hungry to make our excellent schools even better. Every parent who experiences our upper schools knows there are problem areas, yet the status quo remains. It’s standard practice to take summer classes to avoid certain teachers or subjects, to pay expensive tutors, and to accept the fact of a wasted year of math or science. Why?

With a new superintendent and relatively new principals, we’re positioned to tackle entrenched problems. A school board that sees its job as overseeing the administration with impatience for improvement, not rubber-stamping its recommendations, is the remaining puzzle piece.

Andrew Blumenfeld and Ellen Multari are the candidates who understand our schools today. A recent LCHS graduate, Andrew knows the student perspective, filling the gap that exists because we have no mechanism for student or parent feedback. Yes, he’s a junior at Princeton, but he’s pledged to spend at least four days per month here. I worked with him on the parcel tax and a school board campaign, so I can vouch for the commitment delivered by this exceptionally intelligent overachiever.

From the moment Ellen Multari arrived here four years ago, she stepped forward for our schools. PTA, Ed Foundation, Site Council, Bond Committee — she walks the walk with discerning acumen and uncommon sense. A Stanford grad with three children from middle school to college, Ellen is today’s parent who can be our voice on the board.

Ellen Multari and Andrew Blumenfeld offer LCUSD the unparalleled advantages of current knowledge of our schools combined with the tenacity to make them the best they can be. It’s what our students deserve.

Amy Bernhard


La Cañada