The event of the century

It will, literally, be the event of the century. Not for another 100 years will the date coincide with LCF’s ZIP code. Mark you calendars for next weekend and join us as we celebrate 91011 on 9/10/11 and all that makes La Cañada Flintridge such a great place to live.

The weekend’s festivities begin on Friday, Sept. 9 with Party in the Park. Three bands will entertain you and food trucks or your own picnic will feed you. Bring your neighborhood party to Memorial Park and join in the fun from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, you have a chance to discover all the great things about LCF. Whether you are a newcomer or an old timer, there is an open house for you. Visit Lanterman Museum or Descanso Gardens or the Crescenta-Cañada Family Y. Learn the latest with special presentations at JPL and Verdugo Hills Hospital. Get a riding demonstration at Flintridge Riding Club. Join the ladies at the Thursday Club for cookies and tea and watch a video history of our valley. Shop for special bargains at the Bargain Box.

And spend a little time giving back to your community. The Trails Council, the Community Center, the Tournament of Roses and La Cañada Valley Beautiful all have projects waiting for your help.

The U.S. Post Office has developed a special cancellation stamp commemorating the day and the ZIP code. They will be on hand at the Farmers Market to hand-cancel your envelopes. We’ve printed a special post card for the occasion as well. These will truly be collector’s items.

Zip along the boulevard to visit our local merchants. Collectively, they have donated more than $7,500 worth of merchandise to be raffled off. All you need to do is enter your name at any participating merchant.

Our local restaurants have gotten into the spirit as well. Plan dinner that night at Taylor’s or Los Gringos Locos or Dish or Min’s, or Taco Deli or Berge’s or Hello Pizza. Choose a special community table or bring your own party. There is something for every taste and every pocketbook.

Finally, but probably the most important, on Sunday observe the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at an ecumenical memorial service planned by the LCF Young Republicans at 2 p.m. in the LC Presbyterian Church courtyard.

This is our weekend, LCF. Join us as we connect, celebrate and remember. For all the details, look for our full page ad in today’s paper and/or visit

I’m looking forward to seeing you everywhere.

Laura Olhasso

LCF City Council member


For Blumenfeld and Multari

The most passionate I've ever seen school board member/candidate Jeanne Broberg was last year when she marched up my driveway to tell me that the high school PTSA was not allowed to publicize a viewing of “Race to Nowhere.” She was wrong.

I want school board members who tell us what we can do, not those who sit by guarding the status quo, who only get agitated when they fear that someone is rocking their calm and steady boat.

I want people in office who aren't afraid to ask tough questions, who understand the imperfections in our system, and who are passionate about providing the best possible educational experience for the children of La Cañada.

That's why I'm voting for Andrew Blumenfeld and Ellen Multari for school board. They are whip-smart, well-informed, and eager to fix the problems that have long existed in our school district, particularly in our high school.

I worked with Andrew on the last parcel tax campaign and on a school board campaign two years ago. Though he was a high school senior at the time, it was clear why he'd been elected governor of the California Youth & Government program and was headed to Princeton: He has a deep command of the issues, is an excellent communicator, and is passionate about enacting critical changes. His experience attending La Cañada Unified School District schools had shown him first-hand that there is much work to be done.

Ellen has long been a hard-working, outspoken advocate for LCUSD students. She currently serves on the 7/8 PTA and LCF Educational Foundation boards, and I've witnessed her many times speak eloquently about changes that need to take place in our schools.

Both Andrew and Ellen see the potential in our schools. After all, they helped propel Andrew to Princeton; and Ellen and her husband made a conscious decision to live here and send their children to our public schools. Both candidates are dedicated to making our schools the best they can be, and I strongly believe that they are our best hope for making that happen.

Kathy Christie Hernandez

La Cañada Flintridge

Editor’s Note: The writer is a past PTA president (at Palm Crest, LCHS 7/8 and LCHS 9-12) and a past president of the LCF Educational Foundation. She co-chairs the Blumenfeld campaign and is on Multari’s campaign advisory committee.

On the rule of law

A California Senate committee has cleared the Dream Act for an upcoming vote in the Senate and Assembly and the eventual signing into law by Governor Brown. This act will give illegal aliens the right to enjoy reduced in-state college and university tuition, Cal Grant scholarships, fee waivers and other publicly funded grant programs. Given that the Democrats enjoy a majority in both legislative bodies and the Governorship, it's considered to be a done deal.

What ever happened to the rule of law? Not only have we been giving a wink and a nod to illegal aliens who defy our laws with sanctuary cities, free elementary and secondary education, free medical care, and all the other benefits, we've even hamstrung our police with charges of profiling to prevent the deportation of all but the most egregious offenders. And now they are to be rewarded for their breaking the law?

Is this what you want your children to learn, that the law doesn't matter any more? That feelings and compassion [and a bigger voter base] trumps the law? How are you going to explain that to your child?

“It is the recognized truth of jurisprudence that laws are created by man and that civilized men in a tradition of more than two millennia agree to abide by these laws for the common good of society, for it is only by the rule of law that any civilization holds itself above the promiscuous squalor of barbarism. This we know from all the history of the human race, and this we pass on in our educational processes to all our citizens.”

I don't know who said that, but it sure is the truth. Illegal aliens are people who have blatantly broken the laws of our nation. And now they are to be rewarded for it.

Trent Sanders

La Canada, California


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