A non-politician candidate

Sitting across a table at Panera Bread from Ernest Koeppen, listening to his many opinions about the state of education, one can't help but ask why this man isn’t on the school board. Ernest Koeppen is this true non-politician candidate in this election.

He's so unbelievably committed to making his campaign out of the box that he's not asking you to take out your checkbook. Instead, all he asks is that you pick up your phone — though I personally would send out Facebook messages — and call five people and share what I'm about to share with you.

Although all the candidates will say their campaigns are student-oriented, thus far I think Ernest Koeppen is the only candidate who can show that. I'm the co-campaign manager, along with my friend Alex Keledjian, for the Koeppen for School Board campaign and I'm only 16 years old. The faith that Ernest has placed in me and my friend's abilities to spring him to victory is a truly beautiful reflection of him.

But this isn't the only evidence of faith and confidence that Ernest Koeppen places in students. As a parent of two students, one currently at LCHS and the other a graduate of the LCHS class of 2010, Ernest has been greatly involved in LCHS's Engineering Club. He's even transformed his garage into a machine shop for students to learn the automotive, metal and wood skills that are no longer taught in high school.

Ernest Koeppen is simply an all-around great person. Other letters and articles can tell you of his expertise as a technologist and his amazing analytical skills, but I just want to share that he probably has the greatest sense of humor among this field of candidates. I have no doubt that he'll brighten the mood on the school board.

Kevork Kurdoghlian

La Cañada Flintridge

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