Dedication, breadth and depth

After meeting with all four school board candidates, I have chosen to endorse Ellen Multari. Multari brings a unique perspective that cannot be duplicated by other candidates.

She brings proven long-term dedication, having served in leadership roles at elementary, middle and high school, as a director of the Educational Foundation and on LCUSD committees in her four years in La Cañada.

She brings breadth, as both a parent and volunteer in public and private schools around the country. One simple example is her previous experience with collaboration days in other districts.

She brings depth, experiencing first hand what it’s like to have a child with a sub-standard teacher in our district and navigating the complicated maze to effect change.

She brings a strong desire for communication, knowing parents need to be contacted and educated on issues facing our district such as parcel taxes and permit students. She not only answered my questions, but actively solicited my opinion on specific issues. She has already advocated district use of lines of communication already in place, such as the PTA’s regular Constant Contact.

Multari’s regular, daily contact with parents throughout the district, her consistent involvement as a volunteer serving our schools, and the experience of having children enrolled here has made her well aware of the many issues facing our district, from teacher effectiveness to communication to financial difficulties. Ms. Multari’s proven dedication, experience as a parent and desire for better communication make her an ideal candidate for the LCUSD school board.

Bryn Oh

La Cañada Flintridge

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