Hard work, ability to communicate

The upcoming election for the LCUSD Governing Board warrants a look at the function of a board of directors.

A board's responsibilities include establishing the mission and long-term direction for the organization, selecting a management team to execute its strategy, evaluating management's performance, ensuring and safeguarding adequate resources, monitoring compliance with policies and procedures, and enhancing the organization's public image. These duties must be fulfilled with deference to competing priorities among stakeholders and limitations on involvement in the organization's operations.

An effective director must have a vision that is relevant to the organization, its environment and its resources, as well as an ability to translate vision into actionable plans. Intelligence is not enough. It must be accompanied by an ability to communicate ideas, truly listen to others' ideas, build consensus among fellow board members and other stakeholders and make fact-based decisions.

And a board member must not have a personal agenda or be subject to outside influence.

I have worked for numerous corporate boards, advised many more and currently sit on two not-for-profit boards.

We are very fortunate to have an extremely qualified candidate for the LCUSD Governing Board — Ellen Multari.

Based on my professional experience and my exposure to Multari's dedication to education, intelligence, creativity and collegial demeanor, I can assure voters that her ideas, hard work and ability to communicate will enhance the efforts and effectiveness of the Governing Board.

Todd Andrews

La Cañada Flintridge

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