A thanks to Edison's crews

It’s Saturday, 5 a.m., dark, and 40 degrees — not a scenario in which I expect to hear voices in our backyard. But there they are again. So I grab one of our flashlights (with this latest power outage we are up to 10), and go for a look.

Strangely, the disembodied voices are not coming from surface level. I look up in our tree and there is a light and that voice. No, not from our tree, from the telephone pole behind the tree. It’s the men of Edison restoring our power. Suddenly, as if on cue, the lights flicker in the house and presto! We are back on the grid.

When our power did not come on Friday with other sites in La Cañada, I thought we were screwed. A single house with no power is not going to be a priority for Edison. We ran a heavy-duty extension cord from our neighbor and prepared to make do with it for a long time. But the hard-working men of Edison came through in the cold and the dark. Thank you all. You efforts in this situation were extraordinary and we can’t thank you enough.

When I am watching football this weekend, I will take a moment to think about the unknown heroes of the crews of Edison.

Steve Stedry

La Cañada Flintridge

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