All Health's Breaking Loose: It's party time, but healthfully

Ah, the holidays — the most decadent time of year. We’ll eat more, drink more and sleep less than we do at any other time of year, all in the name of celebration.

Celebration can be good for the soul — it means “to engage in festivities.” But average holiday festivities are sure to include more sweets, booze, rich food and stress. Sadly, the price we pay for consuming foods (weight gain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, etc.) feels nothing like celebration. So we’re left with a riddle. How do we celebrate and really feel the goodness and joy within the celebration? Or, how do we party without making ourselves sick?

Our health is among the greatest gifts we have or ever will get, this Christmas or any other. It is the fundamental means by which every area of life is functional.

It is possible to attend a party and have a great time without overeating and getting three sheets to the wind. It means we have to manage ourselves — maybe dig a little deeper to find the ability to say, “Thanks, I’ve had enough.” Or if you’re not comfortable with that response, just keep eating — making fresher, healthier choices from the buffet. No one will question you. A few careful choices can turn the tide of the holidays and create a sense of gratitude and personal power.

To celebrate your health is to embrace it, care for it, and, most important, appreciate it every day of the year. When you feel the spirit of the holidays in your body and mind, you create memories that last a lifetime because you truly felt them. You’ll experience the holidays with more than your taste buds and belly — you’ll feel them in your heart.

If it’s the most wonderful time of the year, wouldn’t it be great if we felt wonderful and could fully enjoy this grand time of year?

Celebrate your good health by enjoying fresh seasonal produce like grapefruit, pears, pomegranates and winter squash. Make time for brisk walks, the kind you have to bundle up for. Play your favorite holiday music while getting the family up and off to school in the morning.

Celebrate quiet moments by the Christmas tree, breathing in the peaceful glow of the lights. When you’re calm and happy, refusing the sugar-laden desserts, high-fat hors d’oeuvres and heavy meals is easier.

Many joys of the season bring a feeling of celebration while fortifying your health and wellness. I hope you find them in abundance this year. Good health is the best reason to celebrate.

I’ll see you in two weeks.

Love & health,


LOA BLASUCCI is an author and owner of All Health’s Breaking Loose Wellness Retreats. Blasucci’s book, “All Health’s Breaking Loose,” was named a best-pick finalist in the Health: Exercise & Fitness category for 2011 by USA Book News. Find more at

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