Edison has to have a better plan in place

[Re: Piece of Mind, Dec. 8] I just read Carol Cormaci’s excellent article about the frustration with SCE she felt last week during the power outage, and all I can say is that she is expressing my thoughts exactly.

Not only was it challenging going without both heat and light for three very chilly evenings — and many others have gone longer than that — but the inability to get any information at all from SCE just added to the stress we were all experiencing. While I appreciate having my power back when a lot of homes apparently still do not, you are quite right in suggesting that SCE needs to take preventive measures before another disaster strikes and greatly improve its communication with customers in dire need.

The fact that we depend so much on electricity to live our lives in the 21st century means that the company providing this utility has a tremendous responsibility to address all possible scenarios that might occur during a crisis before it happens.

I appreciate all that the SCE folks did to get the lights back on for us, but a better plan must be in place for the next time.

Thank you for speaking for many of us in La Cañada.

Rebecca Russo

La Cañada Flintridge

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