Time to step up anti-burglary efforts

In the past year, every week with very few exceptions, the Valley Sun has been reporting burglaries in La Cañada Flintridge.

Talking to my neighbors, we feel like it is only a matter of time until our homes will be burglarized. Of course, the worst fear is that one of our family members is hurt during the crime. In these hard economic times, it seems like our neighborhoods have acquired a reputation of being an easy prey among thieves.

There are certain steps homeowners can take to reduce the possibility of home burglaries, but those alone are not enough. I am asking the sheriff’s department and our city council to take more actions to change our city reputation to reduce the number of burglaries and to increase our city safety.

These are some of the immediate steps the sheriff’s department can take to minimize this treat:

Go out of its way to make sure burglars are arrested after a home burglary. Let’s advertise arrests in the local papers as well. More efforts in arresting burglars is what we think is lacking the most. It can use a huge boost and it is also the most important step in deterring future burglaries. It will also help repair our city’s reputation among thieves.

Devote more of the police force to neighborhood patrols, even if it means reduction of the traffic enforcement staff.

Respond to home alarm dispatches faster and do not get discouraged with false alarms.

Add additional electronic surveillance systems (real time-monitored and recording cameras) to more of the city’s streets. Streets around our schools should be covered first. Major streets a thief would take to enter and exit LCF can be covered next, but let’s cover other streets as well.

Help initiate resident Neighborhood Watch programs in the city. Start advertising its benefits and hold seminars to educate families.

I am sure more qualified people can brainstorm and come up with more steps to minimize this growing threat.

Let’s take this threat more seriously and maximize our city safety.

Ali Ghaneh

La Cañada Flintridge

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