The same deal for all state employees

Regarding pension reform for state employees, Governor Brown has said, “We've got to win the confidence of the people.” To that end, he proposes a “Twelve Point Pension Reform Plan.”

I would add a 13th point — that the pension amounts for all state employees, from the governor, legislators, judges, administrators, prison guards, everyone all the way down to the guy raking leaves in a state park, should be based on exactly the same percentage of salary or income they receive. There should be only one health plan for all state employees, again from the governor on down. Of course, we all know that the high and mighty will never give up their perks, and it'll never happen.

Be that as it may, that's how Governor Brown and the Legislature are going to win my confidence and keep us angry taxpayers from bringing out the meat cleavers and sledge hammers, as we ultimately did with the Prop 13 tax reform initiative.

Trent D. Sanders

La Cañada

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