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Around Town: And second prize is two 7-Eleven stores

Recent local developments have given rise to a new basis for the local slogan (“We’re No. 2!”). The slogan is often applied to education, now that LCHS is No. 2 on some, but not all, standardized test results applicable to public secondary schools in a state that does not rank in the top two.

Suddenly, there’s a new reason for La Cañadoids to proclaim, “We’re No. 2!”

La Cañada Flintridge will soon be home to not one, but two 7-Eleven stores.



When I was a young public defender, we always referred to the chain as “2-Elevens,” because robberies in California are a violation of Penal Code section 211. Obviously we were young, gifted worry warts. There’s no evidence that the two new 7-Elevens will add anything to our low (except for the bank robberies) crime statistics.

No need to worry about security, because the 7-Eleven franchise has gone upscale. The corporate website brags, “Lookin’ Good, Taquitos! Wake up with fluffy eggs, seasoned sausage and beautiful, beautiful bacon. Or try one of our other delicious varieties. It’s never too early for awesome.”

Life in La Cañada is about to get a whole bunch better. Why bother with diet tonic for your gin when there’s signature 7-Eleven drinks like the Big Gulp and Slurpee?

As reported in the Sunday Valley Sun a few weeks ago (“La Cañada welcomes two 7-Elevens”) one of the two 7-Elevens will replace a liquor store and the other will be part of a renovated gas station. The 7-Eleven going into the La Cañada Liquor space will be required to devote 60% of its floor space to alcohol in order to conform to local zoning laws.


“City planner Fred Buss said the 7-Eleven replacing La Cañada Liquor would not be much of a change,” the article read. “All that’s happening there is the liquor store has changed owners,” Buss said. “They’ll have Slurpees and some other convenience items in there, but it’s a liquor store, not a typical 7-Eleven.”

What a relief!

Move over San Marino. (No 7-Elevens in San Marino.)

Move over Beverly Hills (No 7-Elevens in Beverly Hills.)

Once again, we’re No. 2!

ANITA SUSAN BRENNER is a longtime La Cañada Flintridge resident and an attorney with Law Offices of Torres and Brenner in Pasadena. Email her at and follow her on Twitter @anitabrenner