Terrified of another term for Obama

I am terrified of the possibility of Barack Obama's reelection. If he is not defeated in November, he will damage America in unthinkable ways. Paraphrasing Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, Obama will alter the relation between American citizens and the American government.

The issue is much more fundamental than persistent unemployment, mushrooming deficit spending and socialized medicine. Specifically, a societal battle has gone on for eons between people who desire liberty versus people who want security at the expense of liberty.

Philosophers who advocate liberty, like John Locke and Adam Smith, and more recently Ayn Rand, developed their ideas by studying mankind and discovering what is consistent with his nature.

Following great thinkers like Locke and Smith, America's Founding Fathers coded liberty into American government based on what is consistent with mankind's nature — total freedom and the only economic system that is consistent with freedom — capitalism. Government exists to protect man's rights in freedom-centered philosophy.

Philosophers who advocate security, from Plato to Karl Marx, developed their ideas by assuming that men and women are fundamentally flawed and need philosopher kings to protect them and to create heaven on Earth for them. We must be changed, they insist, so that their version of utopia can flourish. To change man's nature, government must force man to do what the rulers want him to do. Man exists to serve government, with only those rights granted to him by government.

This is the message those of you who cherish freedom must take to everyone you can.

Explain the nature of what's at stake and ask them which philosophical ideas they want, freedom from government oppression or forced behavior at the point of a government gun.

Replacing Barack Obama is a battle we must not lose.

David C. Wilcox

La Cañada Flintridge

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