Teachers deserve better than what Leko got

There is never a break for a teacher (“Leko agrees to leave La Canada district,” March 29).

Mediocrity and incompetence are pervasive in public education, yet the slip of one foul word or a moment of rage-induced race-baiting, and a dedicated and established teacher gets the boot.

School boards have no business taking up discussions over the inappropriate, and indeed offensive, off-hand comments of educators.

Instead of hacking away at a teacher, why are they not hacking away at the excessive bureaucracy that is siphoning away much-needed, yet dwindling, funds in school districts across the state?

If nothing else exposes the fractious and empty politics of our nation's schools, it is the empty dramas that engulf dedicated teachers who make undedicated mistakes.

I wish the best for Gabrielle Leko, no matter what her prejudices. Teachers deserve better respect than to become the cannon-fodder of media hounds and grievance industries.

Arthur Christopher Schaper


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