With positive energy and open minds

It's always a bit distressing when a neighbor says they are terrified of something [“Terrified of President Obama,” Mailbag, April 5]. That's a terrible state to be in. I feel compelled to address it.

My neighborly instinct is to share with the writer, Mr. Wilcox, that Obama is not an unknown. Wilcox mentions some vague “unthinkable” damage that will come if President Obama wins reelection. What does that even mean?

Obama’s leadership saved the auto industry and the banking system from collapse. He has many other accomplishments. A quick search on the Internet provides more than enough concrete examples. Obama is a family man, well educated, and cares about the American people. He’s tackling some tough issues like healthcare and he’s right to focus on these decades-old problems. It takes courage to tackle the hard issues. He's friendly and smart and his many life experiences have given him values of compassion and hard work. He's no king and he's no radical.

Obama is not trying to “change our nature.” I just want to reach out to Wilcox and say that this country has held together for a very long time and we aren’t about to give up this republic and our Constitution. Obama's reelection won't be an end of an era; it will be the beginning of a new chapter. There will be highs and lows, as always, but we, the people, will help co-write the chapter and we can do it with positive energy and open minds.

Nalini Lasiewicz

La Cañada Flintridge

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