Tracy wants to wreck teachers union

Teachers should be angry and La Cañada citizens outraged at Scott Tracy's op-ed piece attacking California teachers (“Teacher protections can interfere with education,” May 3).

In spite of his professed love for teachers, in reality he's just a local version of Wisconsin's governor Scott Walker. He wants to destroy a public employee union. Tracy clearly wants to move public education in the direction of privatization.

It's unfortunate that Tracy's mentality is such that he so willingly adopts the concept that public education must, inevitably, be downsized because of funding cuts. It would seem more appropriate for a so-called leader in the field of public education to call for increased taxing of the rich and for the ending of U.S. wars and redirecting those wasted funds into education, police and fire protection, infrastructure repair, etc.

Dan Brown

DeWitt, Mich.

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