Outrageous behavior of TSA agents

Increasingly, Americans who are so concerned about security that they will sacrifice their liberty in order to be protected by government are succeeding in turning our society into a group of terrified lemmings. A case in point is condoning the outrageous behavior of TSA agents at airport security points.

Every few days, news reports bring another example of atrocious TSA behavior. People of all ages, including young children, are groped by the TSA. This is a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment forbidding unreasonable searches. “Reasonable judges” have ruled that feeling American citizens’ genital areas is not unreasonable. I emphatically disagree.

I have personal experience with outrageous TSA personnel. My very attractive 16-year-old granddaughter was groped for at least five minutes in Hawaii. I have personally had my genitals in the hands of TSA agents in Hawaii and Philadelphia.

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced a bill aimed at eliminating the TSA and permitting airports to hire private security personnel. Although current law permits waivers so airports can use a private agency, the process is lengthy and can be denied. In the most recent case, the TSA said replacing them is not in the best interest of the government. Can you spell “TSA union’s interest”?

If you think the TSA is a “necessary inconvenience,” I have one simple question. What will you say when the government declares that we must all fly naked?

It never fails to amaze me that modern security seekers are so quick to put their trust in government to protect them. Government does nothing well, and the TSA is a glaring example. Try to sue the TSA for the felonies they routinely commit. By contrast, consider what would happen to a private security firm that would dare to engage in some of the lewd behavior that TSA agents seem to enjoy.

Enough is enough! I urge everyone to get on board with Senator Paul’s effort to shut down the TSA by signing his petition, found at www.chooseliberty.org.

David C. Wilcox

La Cañada Flintridge

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