All Health's Breaking Loose: Focus on form for a firm payoff

When it comes to your workout, your strength and flexibility determine what you can do. But your focused intention determines how well you do it.

If you're wanting to see a change in the shape of your body, form is your No. 1 priority. Being strong, powerful, and flexible makes exercise more fun and provides a sense of accomplishment. But, keeping your focus on your alignment and mechanics will set the stage for body sculpting.

For example, making sure you've lengthened through your torso, your belly is drawn in and your shoulders are back, down and tension-free, will allow you to access the core and open the chest properly which has a trimming effect on the waistline. All movements that begin this way will be more effective.

It's not only about the amount of time spent exercising, it's about the efficiency. Spending two hours in the gym can be trumped by 45 minutes of focused body sculpting if your intention is set upon your form.

Focused intention is a practice. It takes time to develop the skill of feeling the muscles you are targeting engage, while keeping the spine strong and upright. But once you have it, it is possible to see changes happen exponentially — the torso get trimmer, the tummy gets flatter, and all over streamlining takes place. The body moves with a fresher, more perky presence and is more likely to remain injury free.

From yoga to kettle bell lunges and everything in between — you can do it right or you can do it wrong — it takes about the same amount of energy. But the payoff is very different when you get brave enough and honest enough to focus on what is really happening in your workout. Perfecting your mechanics is worth it.

I’ll see you soon.

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LOA BLASUCCI is an author and owner of All Health's Breaking Loose Wellness Retreats.

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